Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cab Ride

Cab Ride

On Dec. 31, 2006 I got to witness a great conversation between a Charismatic and a non-practicing Muslim. We got in the cab at the Denver International Airport and rode to a hotel in Denver. The complete conversation took about 20 minutes. This is a paraphrase of what I can remember.

When we got in the cab the music was loud and sexually descriptive. The cab driver appeared to be a recent immigrant from somewhere in Africa. We asked him to turn off the radio, which he did without argument and then my friend went to work.

Friend: Where are you from?

Driver: I am from Djibouti.

Friend: Where is that?

Driver: Northeast part of Africa.

Friend: Have you seen the coke commercial where the guy says that the Capital of Djibouti is Djibouti?

Driver: No.

Friend: Is the Capital of Djibouti, Djibouti?

Driver: Yes, yes it is.

Friend: Have you found any good churches around here?

Driver: Oh, no, no. I am Muslim.

Friend: Have you found any good Mosks around here?

Driver: Oh, no, no. I am not a practicing Muslim. There is a place I go on Friday nights sometimes but not really. I don’t really know my religion.

Friend: Do you know anything about Jesus?

Driver: Oh, Yes! I know that one. Jesus was a good prophet!

Friend: Cool. Jesus was a good prophet. Great. What did He teach?

Driver: Hum? I don’t know.

Friend: I do. Would you like me to tell you what He taught?

Driver: Sure!

Friend: He taught that He is God.

Driver: NO! NO! Jesus is not God. Jesus is just a good prophet!

Friend: I can show you in the Bible where Jesus taught that He is God, if you like?

Driver: No, no. I trust you that it is there.

Friend: OK. Then, if Jesus is a good prophet and He taught that He is God, then He must be God or if He is not God then He must not be a good prophet. He must be a false prophet. So I think we can logically conclude that there in no way Jesus can be just a good prophet.

Driver: I never thought of it that way before.

Friend: So do you think He is a false prophet or do you think He is God?

Driver: I don’t know. I will have to study this.

Friend: Excellent. I encourage you to read both your Koran and the Bible and continuously ask God to show you who Jesus really is. I firmly believe He will give you a good answer.

Driver: I will have to do that.

My friend gave him some money to buy his first Bible and the driver assured us he would buy a Bible and try to answer this question. I got to witness a man change from a non-seeker into a seeker. It was pretty cool for a 20 minute cab ride.


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