Saturday, October 03, 2009

Two Visions

I received two visions this week. One while I was reading the Bible.

Matt 18:19-20

"Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." NKJV

A very familiar verse so I knew where it was going as soon as I started reading it. I only got as far as the words "two of you agree on earth" and the thought (not words in my ears, but thought in my mind) came to me. "WHICH TWO?" Then I saw a snap shot picture, like a photograph, of my two boys and me ages 17 and 15.

That is ALL. Just the two words "which two" and a picture of my two boys and me.

This is MY interpretation of the meaning of what I saw.

If my two boys agreed that they would buy a new Mercedes Benz and drive to Southern California, would it happen? NO! So, which two must agree?

If my older son wanted to spend the night at a friend's house and the other did not agree, but I did. Would it happen? Yes! So, which two must agree?

The same thing goes for the younger son. So, which two must agree?

Here is the kicker! What if it was OK with me that my son spends the night at a friend's house, but my son never asks? Is it going to happen? No. Why? Because he didn't ask! It takes two to agree!

So what is the moral to the story? In the picture, I represent the Power or Authority, which in real life is the Holy Spirit, who is on the Earth.

My sons represent believers. Just because the believers agree, will not make it so. At least one believer has to be in agreement with the Holy Spirit and then it will happen.

The Holy Spirit will, however, wait for a believer to ask before He does something.

Therefore, ASK. ASK. And Keep Asking!!!

If it is in His will, it will be done, if not, then no harm, no foul. ASK!!!

My second vision was a one second video.

My wife and I have recently started attending a Pentecostal Church on Sunday evening, but still attend our regular Baptist Church on Sunday morning.

We have been taught that all believers have the right and the ability to speak healings. I remember reading a faith healer's book (Agnes Sanford, "The Healing Light") where she said that a headache is the easiest thing to cast out.

Well, I got a headache. Wow! Timely don't you think? Who is in control?

So I bound the headache in the name of Jesus and cast it out. IT LEFT!

I felt an empty place where it left (flashback to the man in the Bible who had a demon leave but came back to find him "empty") so I quickly prayed the "fruits of the Spirit" into the empty place and the empty place felt full again.

Immediately after that I got the vision.

I was in a grassy field. I was the size of my seven-year-old son. I was holding a big barreled, orange plastic bat and batting left handed, I am right handed.

A Father figure (assuming Jesus) was three feet away soft tossing a big fat soft ball sized plastic ball to me. I only saw His hands and from the knees down. It was like He was bent over to toss the ball softly in my direction.

I swung real hard and just clipped the top of the ball and it fell to the ground and slowly rolled back to Jesus' feet.

That was the vision.

My interpretation is that casting out a headache is like hitting a big plastic ball with a big plastic bat a whopping distance of three feet. As I grow and practice more, then I will be able to do more.

I wonder what hitting a grand slam home run, in the bottom of the ninth, of the seventh game of the World Series looks like in the Spirit world?