Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Purpose of Prayer

I have been struck recently by the phrase “The Power of Prayer.” In my humble opinion there is no power in prayer. The power that exists, exists solely in the Creator. Prayer is merely the way to tap into that power. The purpose of taping into that power is not so that we can get what we want. That would be us misusing His power for our selfish desires. The real purpose of prayer is to align our desires with His desires. That way we will be working with and for our Creator and not find ourselves working against Him.

Does this mean we can’t ask for things? Absolutely not! Our Creator wants us to bring our desires to Him. By voicing our desires in prayer we become aware of not only what we desire but also other possible out comes. We can then search these possible outcomes to find ways in which the Kingdom of God can be advanced. Advancing the Kingdom of God should be our priority, not advancing our own agenda. Pray then that God will put a desire in your heart to do what it is He wants done. Aligning our will with His will is the ultimate goal of prayer.