Monday, May 15, 2006

The Gospels and Numerology Run Amuck


I found a chart once that shows the Gospels at a glance. If you memorize these 16 words then you can recall the big picture of the Gospels quickly.

Author Genealogy Audience Portrays Jesus as

Matthew Joseph’s Jews The Messiah
Mark None Romans A Servant
Luke Mary’s Gentile A Man
John None Everyone God

Matthew wrote to the Jews and included Joseph’s genealogy because the Jews were looking for a Messiah that came from the line of Judah. The genealogy would be a very important piece of evidence to them. He demonstrates then, with much Old Testament prophecy, that Jesus is the Messiah.

Mark wrote to the Romans who were not looking for a Messiah, but instead respected people who were powerful. Therefore, no genealogy is necessary. Mark shows Jesus doing things, powerful things. The word immediately is used frequently. Jesus did these powerful things in the service of others and not for self glorification.

Luke wrote to the Greeks, which is where Luke came from. He gives the genealogy that leads to Mary and his focus is on the humanity of Jesus. Luke was the only non-Jew to write any of the New Testament.

John writes to everyone and shows Jesus to be God. Since God came before everyone else then no genealogy need be given.


Throughout the Bible some numbers are used to symbolize different things.

3 – The Trilogy (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
4 – The Earth (4 major points on the compass, 4 seasons)
6 – Evil
7 – Perfection


The above information is very much accepted as truth by Theologians around the world. What I am about to show you is very much my own insanity and not accepted by anyone of any intelligence anywhere as truth; nor should it be. This is just fun stuff here of no significance whatsoever.

I was trying to memorize how many chapters in each book of the Bible. I was in search of memory tricks when I noticed some things.

Matthew has 28 chapters. That is 7 times 4. Applying the numerology that means “perfect for the earth.” What would be more perfect for the earth than a Messiah? Hum?

Mark has 16 chapters. That is 4 times 4. I interpret as “of the earth for the earth.” That could very well describe a servant. Hum?

Luke has 24 chapters. That is 6 times 4; meaning, “evil of the earth.” Sounds like man to me. Hum?

And my personal favorite and soon to be yours is:

John has 21 chapters. That is 7 times 3; meaning “Perfect God!”

Intentional, Coincidence or Insanity? You decide.


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